Q. What is Old School Yoga?

A. Old school yoga is a mix of vinyasa flow and hatha yoga done in a heated room.

Q. What can I expect?

A. Expect to sweat a lot. The room is heated to about 105 degrees. Also, expect to be challenged - if you're new to yoga, it will take a few classes or more for your body to adjust to the new demands you will be placing on it. But fear not, for the other part of that challenge is to meet your limits with grace - acknowledgement and respect of where you are at will be the shortest route to improvement (as well as keeping you without unecessary injury.

For the more seasoned yogi expect a solid hour and half of various asanas and deep breathing. Classes are usually divided into about an hour standing and a half hour on the floor to finish. There is not a fixed asana sequence and classes will vary according to the whims of the instructor and the level of practitioners present.